Keep Your Commercial Facility’s Floors in Top Shape

Keep Your Commercial Facility’s Floors in Top Shape

Work with the concrete contractors at Kingsport, TN’s Cornerstone Concrete Technology

The concrete floors of your commercial building are likely subjected to a constant barrage of traffic and exposed to a variety of chemicals. Protect your concrete surfaces from wear and tear by bringing in the team from Cornerstone Concrete Technology. Our concrete contractors can install an overlay that will protect your concrete from future damage. Your new non-porous overlay will give your floors a beautiful new look and make cleaning up after a long day at work a breeze!

Our flooring systems are built for thermal shock, so you’ll rest easy knowing your concrete surfaces can stand up to anything. Learn more by calling Cornerstone Concrete Technology at 423-429-5143.

Safeguard your Kingsport, Tennessee facility’s concrete surfaces

Cornerstone Concrete Technology knows that commercial facilities see a lot of action—that’s why it’s so important to have solid, durable concrete floors that can stand up to daily stressors like:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Foot traffic
  • Chemical exposure
  • Severe weather

Our team can provide non-porous overlays to prevent future damage. Consult with the team at Cornerstone Concrete Technology to get started.